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Medeze has selected the best technology for accurate, fast and detailed results using the “Whole Genome Sequencing” method of gene decoding from just a blood test
ACUCIZE uses the “Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)” method to examine fetal DNA (cell free fetal DNA; cf-DNA) that is present in the blood flow during pregnancy. The chromosomes of each of the 23 pairs (46 chromosomes) are then assessed before results are translated by experts.

ACUCIZE Technology

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has
revolutionized the biological sciences at
a level never before possible.

  • Rapidly sequence whole genomes
  • Provides high resolution
  • High throughput & flexibility
  • Zoom in to deeply

Chromosome Analysis Results

Analysis of 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22
pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex

  • All chromosome diseases
  • Sex chromosome anueploidies
  • Comfirmed Down syndrome > 99%
  • Fetal gender

Guarantee Results

ACUCIZE guarantees the chromosome
analysis results with superior care and
maximum benefits.

  • False negative insurance 60,000 USD
  • Cord blood stem cell banking at MEDEZE
  • Comfirmed results by amniocentesis
  • Repeat blood drawing

ACUCIZE uses most up-to-date, FDA approved, whole genome sequencing technique, which gives definite result with the highest accuracy. 60,000 USD or any currency in equivalent will be transferred for any false negative result.

ACUCIZE Guarantee the Accuracy, Precision and Definite Results.

ACUCIZE do not only report data on Down Syndrome (chromosome 21), Edward Syndrome (chromosome 18), Patau Syndrome (chromosome 13) and sex chromosomes, but ACUCIZE reports all monosomy, trisomy for all chromosomes. (23 pairs). We value our customers and do everything possible to ensure their happiness to know their baby well being as much as possible. This is the first ever prentatal test to offer this much report.

ACUCIZE reports the Highest Number of Chromosome Analysis Data.

ACUCIZE is another service that MEDEZE Group offers as a one-stop prenatal care biotechnology service provider. Our years of experience in the industry help us in delivering true value for your family health security.

ACUCIZE, one of MEDEZE Group Advanced Biotechnology Firms.

Baby is a precious gift, let’s give her a precious gift as well.

- Veerapol Khemarangsan

ACUCIZE Blood Collection.





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